David Hammons: Day’s End

New York, NY

Summer 2020

Production | Permanent Installation

VIA is proud to support David Hammons’ major public art installation, Day’s End, realized by the Whitney Museum of American Art in partnership with the Hudson River Park Trust. Hammons’ “ghost monument” to late artist Gordon Matta-Clark, will serve as a three-dimensional transparent blueprint of the Pier 52 shed, permanently outlining in steel the structure that no longer stands today. Hammons’ undertaking, his most ambitious to date, and only permanent public art piece, is an allusion to Matta-Clark’s 1975 project by the same name, in which he cut five massive openings in the floor, walls, and ceiling of the shed, allowing viewers to witness the sun’s movement across the water. The new minimalist sculpture will hover over the water along the south side of Gansevoort Peninsula, in what will surely be a celebration of the ever-shifting ethos of the area, from the height of the shipping industry to a gathering site for the gay community.

At 75 years old, Hammons has been instrumental in New York’s art scene for 40 years, addressing stereotypes of race and class in his work. Despite maintaining a notoriously low profile, Hammons has had a profound influence on younger generations of artists.

For more information, visit the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Hudson River Park Trust.


Image: Rendering of the proposed project, Day’s End. Courtesy Guy Nordenson and Associates.