About Us

Artistic Production
Thought Leadership
Public Engagement

Emphasizing direct engagement with contemporary visual art, VIA Art Fund supports projects that exemplify our core values of artistic production, thought leadership, and public engagement, VIA–by way of–Art. Partnering directly with artists, curators, and cultural institutions around the world, VIA Art Fund patrons support innovative artistic endeavors in various forms, from the production of new work for exhibition and institutional acquisition, to symposia, educational programs, publications and scholarly journals.

VIA Art Fund stands apart in the landscape of contemporary arts funding as a collective, democratic initiative that connects art patrons with cultural producers.

We accept grant proposals from artists, curators, cultural organizations, and biennials for the production, exhibition, public dissemination and institutional acquisition of new works of art and ideas, with a particular emphasis on works mounted beyond traditional exhibition environments.

Since its founding in 2013, VIA Art Fund has awarded over $3 million in grants to a growing number of groundbreaking artists and leading cultural institutions, and has built a coalition of dedicated philanthropists across the United States.