Sam Durant: The Meeting House
Jeppe Hein: A New End

The Trustees of Reservations, Hingham & Concord, MA

Sam Durant: August 8, 2016 – October 31, 2016

Jeppe Hein: August 15, 2016 – October 31, 2017

Production | Exhibition Grant

As part of “Art & the Landscape 2016,” a public art initiative by The Trustees curated by Pedro Alonzo, VIA Art Fund supported two dynamic, site-specific works by leading artists Jeppe Hein and Sam Durant at World’s End in Hingham and Old Manse in Concord. The natural beauty of World’s End’s surrounding landscape inspired Jeppe Hein’s reflective sculpture, a mirrored labyrinth referencing the surrounding hills drumlins. Exposed and prone to the elements, the work interacted with the local vegetation, changing with the seasons. At Old Manse, Sam Durant created an oversized structure based on houses where the early former slaves of the region lived. Replicating a traditional meetinghouse, Durant activated this space through partnerships with local organizations, transforming his work into a site of gathering and discussion, focusing in part on African American writing, philosophy and spirituality.

As the nation’s first preservation and conservation organization, and the largest agricultural landowner in Massachusetts, The Trustees is considered “the museum of the Massachusetts landscape.” Trustees envisions the artistic interventions of “Art & the Landscape 2016” as more than mere beautification, but as way to inspire interaction, participation, exchange, and dialogue, and to disrupt the way that public lands are normally used and understood by visitors.

For more information, visit Trustees of the Reservation: World’s End and Old Manse.

Jeppe Hein’s A New End is installed at World’s End, Boston Harbor Islands National Park, Hingham, from August 2016 to October 2017. A reflective labyrinth structure made of mirrored posts of differing heights, A New End draws inspiration from the stunning natural beauty and landscape at World’s End and mimics the shape of the surrounding drumlin formations.

Sam Durant’s The Meeting House was installed at The Old Manse in Concord, Massachusetts from August 2016 through October 2016.

Lyceum I: The Picnic

Visitors listen to a poetry reading at Lyceum II: Poetry Reading at Sam Durant’s The Meeting House

Lyceum II: Poetry Reading