Rhizome: The Born-Digital Art Institution

Presented by Rhizome, New York
Published by Sternberg Press
Winter 2018

Incubator Grant

The Born-Digital Art Institution is a major initiative designed to develop new thinking about the meaning and potential of art-making and the role of cultural institutions in the post-internet age. The project consists of three parts – a publication comprised of original essays by influential critics, curators, artists and theorists published by Sternberg Press; two significant public forums at the New Museum featuring a myriad of artists, curators and thinkers in the field; and a related online exhibition.

The publication – supported by VIA Art Fund – and related public forums ask “what is the post-internet art institution?” and “how can an institution transform when it places primary emphasis on the digital?” These avenues elucidated the history of network culture, how the art institution negotiates complex communication structures and ephemeral technologies, and how institutional practices have evolved given 21st century digital conditions.

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Image: Various Network Dispositions, courtesy of Keller Easterling.