The Kitchen L.A.B. Conference

The Kitchen, New York, NY

March – May 2017

Incubator Grant

The Kitchen L.A.B. Conference, a unique hybrid of academic symposium and arts festival, gave formal weight to the thinking, collaborations, and communities that have emerged through The Kitchen L.A.B. discussion series since 2012. This initiative convened leading art historians and scholars such as Hal Foster and Shannon Jackson, and influential choreographers Ralph Lemon and Jen Rosenblit, along with other previous L.A.B. participants, for roundtable discussions and panels to reimagine artistic engagement across disciplines. The conference’s goal is to create and sustain meaningful exchange among artists and broad audiences, explore new modes of artmaking while advancing truly avant-garde forms of cultural production, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. With VIA’s support, The Kitchen commissioned new performative works by three pioneering artists to launch in their theater and gallery spaces as part of the conference. 

For more information, visit The Kitchen.

Images Courtesy of Tina Satter:

Installation view, Half Straddle: “Here I Go, pt. 2 of You.”

Installation view (video screening), Half Straddle: “Here I Go, pt. 2 of You.”

Ella Moore and Dom, March 10, 2017.

Images Courtesy of Tristan Perich:

Tristan Perich, Dimensional Bloom, 2017, for two amplified pianos and two-channel 1-bit electronics, performed by X88: Vicky Chow and Saskia Lankhoorn.

Tristan Perich, Formations, 2011, for solo cello and 6-channel 1-bit electronics, performed by Mariel Roberts.

Exterior views: photo credits: Crosby Harbison and Jason Mandella courtesy of The Kitchen.