Recess: Session

Recess, New York, NY

May 2016 – May 2017

Incubator Grant

Founded in 2009, Recess is a center for process-based public art projects by emerging artists in New York City. Their signature program, Session, transforms their SoHo storefront into a hybrid studio space, artist-in-residence program and exhibition platform, giving working artists the opportunity to interact with the public at all stages of artistic production. VIA is proud to support one year of Session, starting with Lauren Halsey and the Black Art Incubator. With six Sessions annually, each artist occupies Recess’ space for a period of two months and receives a project stipend to cover all related project costs, an unrestricted artist’s fee, creative and technical support, and 24-hour access to the space.

Lauren Halsey, who commenced her residency in May 2016, created site-specific dense installations, or “kingdoms,” rooted in Funk. Dissociating from the scale, temporality, and conventions of everyday life, her exhibition Kingdom Splurge 4 created a space where imagined ideals can flourish. Black Art Incubator (B.A.I.), who began their residency in July 2016, is a collaboration between four women: Taylor Aldridge, Jessica N. Bell, Kimberly Drew, and Jessica Lynne. Through open source activities such as office hours, grant writing workshops, portfolio reviews, and small-scale exhibitions, B.A.I. aimed to democratize art services by offering a series of autonomous, easily accessible programs whose axes are oriented in blackness. Subsequent VIA-supported Session artists included Canaries (Jesse Cohen, Catherine Czacki, Taraneh Fazeli, Citron Kelly, Carolyn Lazard, Bonnie Swencionis, & Rebecca Watson Horn), Željka Blakšić (aka Gita Blak), Brujas, Motoko Fukuyama, Andrew Lampert, and Am Schmidt.

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Lauren Halsey; Kingdom Splurge 4: View from the street. Image Courtesy Recess.

Lauren Halsey; Kingdom Splurge 4: Interior installation. Image Courtesy Recess.

Black Art Incubator: Office hours with Rujeko Hockley. Image Courtesy Recess.

Canaries; Refuge in the Means: Town Hall Meeting. Image Courtesy Recess.

Marie Lorenz; Flow Pool: Sound Experiments by Brian Chippendale. Image Courtesy Recess.

Moto Fukuyama; You Never Know What Idea. Image Courtesy Recess.

Brujas & Zeljka Blaksic: Skateboards designed to raise awareness of mass incarceration. Image Courtesy Recess.