Heather Hart: The Oracle of Lacuna

Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY

May 13 – November 26, 2017

Production | Exhibition Grant

In 2012, Storm King Art Center initiated a new series entitled Outlooks in order to showcase new, temporary site-specific works by emerging and mid-career artists. VIA is proud to support 2017’s Outlooks featured artist, Heather Hart, with her project The Oracle of Lacuna. Hart constructed a rooftop-structure on Storm King’s campus, which visitors can climb atop of or enter through a dormer window. In collaboration with Storm King, the artist planned extensive public programming to take place on the installation and within it, such as musical performances, a poetry slam, shrine-making and story-telling workshops, and Hart’s ongoing program The Black Lunch Table, in which she invites African American artists of the region for thematic discussion over lunch.

Hart’s practice is deeply rooted in an exploration of oral narratives and the social experience of architecture, especially concerning the African American history. The Oracle of Lacuna, which is the newest iteration of a series of rooftops created by Hart, stands as a reclamation of power, offering visitors a space to occupy, a direction and a future. The “oracle,” or the space within the rooftop, simultaneously acts as an introspective space or a shrine. Hart’s rooftop remained on Storm King’s grounds through November 26, 2017 after which it was deconstructed, with the materials donated to the NGO Habitat for Humanity.

For more information, visit Storm King.


Heather Hart (American, b. 1975), Oracle of Lacuna, 2017, Wood, shingles, building materials, iPad, speakers

Courtesy the artist © Heather Hart

Photos of the Oracle of Lacuna by Jerry L. Thompson