Esopus: Issue 23

Featuring artists’ projects by Marilyn Minter, Mickalene Thomas, Karo Akpokiere, Stefan Kürten, Chuck Kelton and Jody Wood

Esopus, New York, NY


Incubator Grant

Esopus is an annual publication that presents innovative content from diverse creative disciplines and features six long-form projects by celebrated contemporary visual artists. VIA Art Fund supported Esopus 23, which launched in May 2016. Founder and Editor Tod Lippy conceives of every issue as both a book and an exhibition – a vehicle to showcase innovative artistic content in an “unmediated” format free from advertising and commercially driven editorial material. Esopus 23 presents specially-commissioned projects exclusive to this issue including a series of images printed on translucent and metallic stocks by Marilyn Minter, a portfolio of die-cut works by Mickalene Thomas, a collection of images and documentation by Jody Wood relating to her ongoing “Beauty in Transition” series, a new series of paintings by Stefan Kürten; drawings by Karo Akpokiere dealing with the challenges of living and working between Berlin and Lagos, and a series of abstract photographic “landscapes” created in the darkroom by master black-and-white printer Chuck Kelton.

Esopus has featured groundbreaking work by artists such as Jenny Holzer, Richard Tuttle, and Ed Ruscha, and has worked in a populist fashion to bridge the gap between artists and audience members who might not have access to contemporary art in their own communities. Incorporating unconventional inserts such as CDs, fold-outs, posters, and prints, the publication is priced affordably, making high quality art accessible to broad audiences outside of urban art centers.

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Images: spread from “Together,” Mickalene Thomas’s artist’s project in Esopus 23, spread from “Views, Not From a Window,” Chuck Kelton’s artist’s project in Esopus 23, spread from “Es gibt ken Leben ohne Liebe,” Karo Akpokiere’s artist’s project in Esopus 23, spread from “Spray On,” Marilyn Minter’s artist’s project in Esopus 23, spread from “Malleable Properties of Care,” Jody Wood’s artist’s project in Esopus 23, spread from “Perfect World,” Stefan Kürten’s artist’s project in Esopus 23, cover of Esopus 23 featuring photograph of Jean Tinguely with his Homage to New York in the MoMA Sculpture Garden, March 17, 1960. ©Estate of David Gahr. Photograph Archive, MoMA Archives, NY; all photos by Tod Lippy.