Daniel Buren: Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile 

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

Regatta: June 23, 2018

Exhibition: June 23–October 7, 2018

Production | Acquisition Grant

Following the completion of a major renovation to its campus in 2017, the Walker Art Center has invited artist and founding member of the French minimalist ‘BMPT’ group Daniel Buren to enact his work Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile or Sail/Canvas – Canvas/Sail on Lake Calhoun, not far from the Walker’s campus. Produced over a span of forty-two years in several different locations around the world, Buren has never before performed Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile in the United States. The two-part work includes a public performance in the form of a sailboat regatta featuring the artist’s custom-made, signature striped sails, followed by an installation of the sails in the order the corresponding boats finished the race.

The VIA-supported version at the Walker in June 2018 will be the first instance in which Buren uses larger boats (Club 420) with double sails, with eighteen sailors instead of nine. The Walker will partner with the Lake Calhoun Sailing School to present the regatta. After the race, the sails will be exhibited in the open-air pavilion of the newly-renovated Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. VIA’s funds will be directed towards the production and presentation of the work in Minneapolis, acquisition into the Walker’s collection, and extensive public programming surrounding the work.

For more information, visit the Walker Art Center.

Daniel Buren, Photo-souvenir: Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile, September 1975/July 2005, work in situ, Grasmere lake, Grande-Bretagne, 2005. Daniel Buren/ADAGP, Paris. Detail.